Independent inspections


Independent inspections

Different customers assess the animal welfare efforts in different Vion slaughterhouses or have them checked by independent experts. Animal welfare aspects are also included in the annual inspections as part of the IKB, BLK and QS programs. Various companies are certified according to independent animal welfare standards (such as the Beter Leven quality mark, Tierschutzlabel, etc.).

Government supervision

At least two government-appointed veterinarians are always present at each Vion slaughterhouse. One of these veterinarians inspects all live animals as part of the inspection of the slaughtered animal and continuously supervises their stables and the stunning and slaughter of the animals. Any deviations are registered in writing, both by the government veterinarian and by Vion employees.

In addition, the government regularly conducts animal welfare audits at Vion. These audits not only concern the technical layout of the slaughterhouses, but also the correct functioning of all equipment and the correct working methods of all employees.

Camera surveillance

There are cameras and CCTV surveillance in all Vion slaughterhouses. These monitor working with animals 24/7.