Our aim is to be open and transparent


Background information and transparency

Consumers, animal welfare organisations, politics. The need for more background information and transparency in the production of foodstuffs has increased in recent years. In this respect, the meat industry is always at the centre of critical public opinion. As leading company in the industry, Vion wants to meet society’s need for more transparency by improving its information provision.  

On this website, we inform you in detail about the beef and pork production processes and continuously publish the documentation of certifications, inspections and audits of all Vion locations in the Netherlands. We also provide information on the official slaughter animal and meat inspections of the animals delivered to and slaughtered at Vion. 


Vion market concepts

In addition to European and national legislation and quality marks, Vion has developed several market concepts. 22% of all animals processed at Vion have been raised according to these certified higher animal welfare requirements (EU organic, Beter Leven, Für Mehr Tierschutz or Initiative Tierwohl).


Reduce of the use of antibiotics

Vion encourages the reduction in antibiotics use by coaching individual farmers to strike an optimal balance between animal health, animal welfare and productivity. To study this concept in more detail, Vion is supporting a research project funded by the EU into how the potential of precision livestock farming can be used to further reduce antibiotics use. The project was started in February 2019. 


Videos of the production process

Dr. Anne Hiller, specialist veterinarian for meat hygiene, explains how cattle are slaughtered at Vion.

Note: the video is in German; a Dutch video can be found at the Dutch language version of this page.

How pig slaughtering and cutting takes place at Vion is explained by Derk Oorburg, veterinarian in the group’s quality management department.

Note: the video is in German; a Dutch video can be found at the Dutch language version of this page.

  • An overview of all processes

    From delivery of the animals to shipping the products to customers. Vion's transparency initiative in the Netherlands and Germany (www.vion-transparenz.de) offers our customers, suppliers and partners, as well as our consumers insight into almost all processes.

    View all processes
  • Founded on objective inspection results

    Every day, numerous inspections are carried out in the Vion companies, by both government veterinarians and our own quality department. The results are stored in our databases on an ongoing basis. Recent results are published in the form of a graphical summary or as an original copy.

    View the inspection reports

Our experts

Quality Director Vion
Quality Director Vion
  • Doctorate Veterinarian
  • PhD in food safety (Utrecht University)
  • Quality director at Vion since 2002
  • Specialties: food safety, food integrity, animal welfare and animal health
  • Side activities: board member of GlobalGap Top Institute Food and Nutrition and IFS
Quality Director Vion Netherlands
Quality Director Vion Netherlands
  • Europees specialist Veterinary Public Health (Dipl. ECVPH)
  • Manager at Vion since 2005
  • Specialties: food safety, animal welfare, product integrity and veterinary export issues
  • Side activities: GMP+, GlobalGAP, as well as sitting on committees of the Dutch quality system IKB
Group QA manager Vion
Group QA manager
  • Master of Science Management (Agribusiness)
  • Since 2008 at Vion
  • Food technologist
  • In 2017 EOQ/NNK certified QA manager
  • Focus areas: food safety, animal welfare, product and process integrity, quality management,  technical customer information
Veterinarian QA Vion Germany
Group Quality Manager Vion Germany