We show how we produce


Production under permanent inspection

Production is the “beating heart” of all Vion slaughtering and processing companies. Our highly trained employees work together with government veterinarians, inspectors and livestock farmers to comply with production and hygiene regulations, day in day out. 


Report on the production process of beef

It is still early in the morning as the 15-ton truck reverses into the livestock abattoir’s loading platform. The bulls have travelled on the cattle truck between the farm and the slaughterhouse for two and a half hours, or some 80 kilometres.  The transporter, in possession of the mandatory transport permit, knows about cattle. He even grew up on a farm himself. 


Report on the production process of pork

A green cattle truck stops in front of the loading platform at the Vion slaughterhouse. After a short journey, the driver carefully brings in about 80 pigs, which he loaded at a farm in the region shortly before. They are 175 days old and weigh about 120 kilograms.


Photo report about beef production

Photo report about pork production


Video's of the production process (in German)

In a video, we show how pigs are slaughtered and processed. Veterinarian and quality director of Vion Netherlands Derk Oorburg explains what we see. 

In a video, we show how cattle is slaughtered and processed. This is explained by Dr Anne Hiller, veterinarian and quality director of Vion Germany. 


Thorough cleaning, every day

All production areas and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day after production. Dirt, bacteria and residues of cleaning products must be removed every day without leaving a trace. The cleaning team works in several steps. After the last step, everything has to be clean, before production can start again the next day.